Adeline hill

Adeline was born and raised in Texas before moving to Atlanta, Georgia at the age of 11.

“Growing up, music was always a part of my life. From the beginning, I was the kid who would rush home from school because I couldn’t wait to sit down at my little keyboard and write a song about my day. Before I even knew what to call it, there was something in me that was drawn to creating music that helped me process my emotions and experiences. I spent a lot of time listening to artists who inspired me, and then it turned a corner for me when I realized that my love for music was deeper than just listening to it. I realized that I really valued the process of songwriting and loved how words and melodies could capture moments”.

At the age of 18, this singer/songwriter is an old soul. Adeline's first four original singles, "Moments To Memories" "Time Stood Still" "2 AM" & "How Can It Be Time Already" were released and well received in over 60 countries. Her 5th original single "The Things I Didn't Say" was released July 6th, 2018, which completes her first original 5 song EP project.

It's just the beginning of a new chapter of sharing her original songs into the world of mainstream music.